Early Works on Aspect-Oriented Programming

An incomplete AOSD bibliography with a Demeter bent. http://www.ccs.neu.edu/research/demeter/biblio/demeter-aosd.bib.txt: AOSD BIBLIOGRAPHY

From our team:

1992: First conference paper on structure-shy treatment of traversal-related concerns || Holland's ECOOP paper on encapsulating multi-object concerns. 1993: Crista Lopes to Andrew Black: Initial thoughts about AOP. 1994: Crista Lopes et al.: Encapsulating the Synchronization Concern 1995: Formal paper on structure-shy treatment of traversal-related concerns || Early AOP paper viewing Composition Filters, Subject-Oriented Programming, Reflection and Adaptive Programming from a common angle.

AP-AOP connection

From others (this list is very incomplete but mentions some works that are not frequently cited in this context): In

AUTHOR = "Michael Schrefl and Gerti Kappel",
TITLE = "Cooperation Contracts",
BOOKTITLE = "Proc. 10th Intl. Conf. on the Entity-Relationship Approach",
YEAR = "1991",
ADDRESS = "San Mateo",
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we read: Behavior which is provided by several object types in concert needs not to be dispersed and can be defined in a single place. Furthermore, behavior designs become better maintainable and better extensible.


AUTHOR = "Mark Vigder and R.J.A. Buhr",
TITLE = "Using LOTOS in a Design Environment",
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we read: A slice is a set of components and interaction points which trace a path through a design structure. Behavior is then defined by showing sequences of interactions superimposed on this slice. ... LOTOS behavior expressions describe behavior patterns that cut across many components.

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