DJ: Dynamic Structure-Shy Traversals in Pure Java for Rapid Application Development

Fact Sheet

Demeter Research Group, Northeastern University, College of Computer Science, Boston

Aspect-Oriented Programming with Adaptive Methods.
Dynamic Adaptive Programming in Java.

JXPath implements some of the Demeter ideas using XPath as navigation language. For further information: JXPath Jakarta Project

Supported by DARPA and Rome Laboratory under agreement F30602-96-0239 (Evolution of Software Via Adaptive Programming), Karl Lieberherr (PI),

Acknowledgements: Implemented by Josh Marshall and Doug Orleans using the AP Library by Doug Orleans. Lars Hansen proposed an early idea and Johan Ovlinger nurtured it with his TAO system inside Demeter/Java. Cristina Lopes implemented at Xerox PARC a similar system for a version of Lisp: AP/S++: A CASE-study of a MOP for Purposes of Software Evolution ( Several people recommended the development of DJ, among them Harold Ossher (IBM), Luis Blando (GTE Labs), David Wagstaff (Novell).

We develop DJ using a Bazaar approach. Please send us your bug fixes and improvements to and we will integrate them.

version June 11, 1999