Using the book "Adaptive Object-Oriented Software: The Demeter
Method" with
the Java Programming Language and the Unified Modeling Language
and DJ

The book "Adaptive Object-Oriented Software: The Demeter
Method" (called the AP book)
introduces the concepts behind Adaptive Programming (AP).
At the time of the writing of the book, C++ was the language of
choice to write the sample programs in the book. Now we consider
Java a better choice.

Since the publication of the book, the conceptual structure of AP
has also improved and therefore we combine the power of Java
with the new form of adaptive programming into a Java
library called DJ.

AP needs a graphical representation for class graphs. 
We use now the UML notation for class diagrams.

Introduction to DJ from the point of view of the AP book

DJ allows you to use the concepts of adaptive programming directly
in your Java programs. See the DJ documentation for the names
of the DJ classes.

The important concepts added by the AP book to the oo concepts are:
traversals, strategies,
structure-shy visitors and class graphs.
For each of those concepts you will find a corresponding DJ class.

The AP book is useful for learning adaptive programming in Java
because it covers the concepts that are now available 
as Java classes through DJ.