APStudio Resource Page

Copyright Notice

Before downloading the software, please read the copyright notice.

Running APStudio on CCS machines

See instructions for running apstudio in College of Computer Science, Northeastern University Unix lab.

Download software for Windows 95/NT

Following files are required to install APStudio on a windows machine.

Installation instructions for Windows 95/NT

The source code is included in this release. It is in src directory. Add "c:\apstudio\bin to the PATH
(tip : Windows NT users, use Control Panel. Windows 95 users, use autoexec.bat to make these changes to the environment variables.)

Understanding the batch file

In the "bin" directory you will find only one batch file, "apstudio.bat".

Trouble Shooting(mostly for Windows95)

To start the application you can either double click on the apstudio.bat in explorer or execute "apstudio" from "run dialog" which can be reached from Start button.
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