JXPath and DJ : Dynamic Structure-Shy Traversals

Demeter Research Group, Northeastern University, College of Computer Science, Boston
Dmitri Plotnikov originally developed JXPath as a system for object graph traversal using XPath. This is a useful project to promote structure-shy programming in Java using a standard language such as XPath rather than the traversal strategy language of Demeter: Jakarta project JXPath.

I see an important way along which JXPath could evolve:

It should add visitor support. Currently it only seems to support the equivalent of the "gather" method of DJ. There is no support for "traverse" (nor "asList") (Sep. 2003).

For visitor support the object-based navigation could be done using XPath, simplifying the visitors. The DJ source code is on the web ready for integration into JXPath.

For information about DJ, see: DJ Fact Sheet.


Karl Lieberherr