Interaction Schemata
This paper presents the concept of interaction schemata behind the Structure Builder (SB) tool from Tendril. Tendril was sold to WebGain in 2000 and the Interaction Schemata part of StructureBuilder is no longer a part of WebGain's StructureBuilder.

An interaction schema specifies a behavioral unit in the style of a UML interaction diagram. The slogan is: Interaction schema are executable UML interaction diagrams.

An interaction schema can be applied to many different UML class diagrams and for many interesting data structure changes the generated code will be updated automatically by SB.

An interaction graph uses simple paths to define the participants of an interaction and it uses actions and properties (code fragments) to define the obligations of the participants. SB automates the communication between participants.

As a second tool to implement actions we present DJ.

The paper is available in the format:

The OOPSLA '98 viewgraphs for the StructureBuilder demo are available in the formats:

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