Aspectual Collaborations: Combining Modules and Aspects

The paper is split into three major parts. The first part identifies the need to combine modules and aspects, while deriving in Section 2 a list of desired properties. To evaluate these claims, a challenge problem is presented in Section 3, and two solutions (AspectJ and Hyper/J) are investigated. The first part of the paper concludes, by comparing the solutions against our identified properties, that neither solution is able to compensate for the features it lacks but are found in the other. The second part of the paper presents a concrete system (ACs) combining all the properties identified in the first part. Section 4 presents ACs, as motivated by those properties. Section 5 evaluates the performance of ACs using the challenge problem, presents implementation sketches to illustrate the conceptual model of the implementation, and suggests future research directions. In the third part of the paper, Section 6 compares ACs against related work, and Section 7 concludes.


Prepublication draft
Paper page by David Lorenz
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