Adaptive XML/Java Data-Binding

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This paper has the following history: Huichan He, under the guidance of Ron Mourant from the College of Engineering, contacted me in the fall of 2000 to do her Master's thesis in Adaptive Programming. I suggested XML/Java Data-Binding. Huichan implemented a prototype based on a simple prototype by Jennifer Milligan for my course: "Adaptive Object-Oriented Software Development".

Prasenjit Adak, a CS graduate student, took my course: "Adaptive Object-Oriented Software Development" in the fall 2000 and he followed this course with a project course where he implemented a very good prototype (called XML2DemeterJ) for JSR 31 from scratch. Implementation

Huichan's Master's Thesis.

Other contributors to this project are:
Jing Wang who used and tested XML2DemeterJ on a schema for XML schemas (she wrote a simple schema checker)
Jonathan Kelley, Ed McCormick and Michael Schenk who translated the "Adaptive Object-Oriented Software Development" homeworks from class dictionaries to XML schemas.

XML and Demeter

Karl Lieberherr