Dear Jens:

Enclosed is the reference to the GEM paper.
I think there is a connection to your paper:
The Essence of the Visitor Pattern

-- Karl

Early work on GEM, the predecessor of Demeter.

Had a procedure Walk(s: SynDomSet; n : Node; function f: Node)
which allows simple visitor programming. Walks the syntax tree
in preorder and executes the function f for every subtree
whose type is in s. Allows to collect information from
a syntax tree in a structure-shy way.

Would now be written in the following form:

from A to {X,Y,Z}
  {X,Y,Z} execute some code

The code can distinguish between the different
node types looking effectively like a visitor.

Also had the idea of "long-getters":
function Get(s: SynDomSet; n : Node): Node
traverses the tree in preorder and returns the first tree whose
type is in s. Allows to get nested parts in a structure-shy way.

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