The College of Computer Science at Northeastern University

The College of Computer Science is looking for highly motivated, bright, hardworking students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree. We offer a pleasant working environment where you can pursue your ideas that will influence the state-of-the-art in computer science. We are located between Symphony Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts in the heart of Boston.

Specifically, the Demeter Research Group seeks additional team members to join us in our adventures of exploring better ways to develop software. The Demeter Research Group is well known for proposing the Law of Demeter, Adaptive Programming, and fostering the development of Aspect-Oriented Programming. The Demeter Research Group has received funding from DARPA, NSF and several companies such as ABB, Citibank, IBM, Mettler-Toledo, SAIC and Skyva.

We would like to especially invite women to apply. Our most recent Ph.D. Crista Lopes (now at Xerox PARC) did very innovative research in AOP, a technology featured in the Jan. 2001 MIT Technology Review as one of the most promising technologies that will change the world. Linda Seiter (now at Princeton) worked on context objects that also offer a form of aspect-oriented programming.

Other Ph.D. graduates from our team include: Ian Holland (now an Adjunct Professor in our College and Director of Architecture and Systems Engineering at Kronos Incorporated) proposed the Law of Demeter and did very influential work on an early form of AOP (his executable contracts). Walter Huersch (now chairman of the board of an international consulting company in Zurich Switzerland, Zuehlke Engineering AG) worked on refactoring of object-oriented programs in the context of schema evolution. Ignacio Silva-Lepe (now at IBM Yorktown Heights) worked on mining traversal-related aspects. Paul Bergstein (now at the University of Massachusetts), studied automatic maintenance of object-oriented programs.

Our current PhD projects are: Aspectual Collaborations, Branches and Bundles, Applying Aspect-Oriented Software Development to Industrial Control Software and Adaptive Programming.

The Demeter Research group works on new programming and design approaches and collaborates with Professors William Clinger, Matthias Felleisen, David Lorenz, Mitchell Wand. A recent paper with Professor Wand: Traversal Semantics in Object Graphs gives a concise introduction to Adaptive Programming, a promising technique within and also beyond AOP.

The Programming Languages and Software Design Group at CCS is one of the largest and most prominent groups in the Greater Boston Area working on a broad spectrum of topics.

The Peterson's Graduate Program Guide contains important facts about our College.

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Karl Lieberherr, Demeter Research Group