Project Title: Engineering Adaptive Software

A project supported by NSF (Helen Gill, program officer) and DARPA (John Salasin, program officer). Duration: July 1, 1994 to August 31, 1997. Amount: NSF: $245 000, DARPA: $48 500, total: $293 500.

I would like to thank Helen Gill and John Salasin for their collaboration in funding my project.

Project Team Members

Faculty: Karl Lieberherr (PI), Jens Palsberg (MIT/NU) (Faculty Associate)

Students: Walter Huersch, Cristina Lopes, Linda Seiter, Cun Xiao.

Project Description

This was the second NSF grant supporting the Demeter project. The Demeter Home Page summarizes what we accomplished. For example, it contains the annual NSF progress reports (in Postscript).

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