Demeter/Java and AP Studio Release

This is the official announcement of Demeter/Java, a high-level interface to the programming language Java which allows you to write Java programs adaptively. The compiler is accompanied by a graphical user interface, called AP Studio, which allows you to develop key components of adaptive programs graphically. See the CHANGES file for current version number.

Demeter/Java (1996-*) is the successor of Demeter/C++ (1989-1996) and incorporates several improvements to the Adaptive Programming technology. Adaptive Programming is the special case of Aspect-Oriented Programming (, where one of the building blocks is expressible in terms of graphs and where the other building blocks refer to the graphs using traversal strategies. A traversal strategy is a partial specification of a class diagram pointing out a few cornerstone classes and relationships. Traversal strategies may be viewed as regular expressions specifying a traversal through a graph.

Demeter/Java has the following features:

To get an impression of how Demeter/Java will evolve, read our OOPSLA '98 paper "Adaptive Plug-and-Play Components (APPCs) for Evolutionary Software Development" by Mira Mezini and Karl Lieberherr.

StructureBuilder from Tendril Software is a commercial tool which implements some of the Demeter ideas. For further information on Structure Builder: Tendril Software, Inc.

The implementors of the Java tools are (building on the work of the 
Demeter/C++ team: Xiao/Huersch/Silva-Lepe):

Doug Orleans: 	principal architect and implementor
Johan Ovlinger: Traversals as objects, remote invocation aspect, 
  		Laboratory Guide
Josh Marshall:	Generic Aspect Weaver, synchronization aspect
Crista Lopes:	Provided design for synchronization and remote invocation aspects

AP Studio:
Kedar Patankar:	principal architect and implementor GUI 
Binoy Samuel:	principal architect and implementor AP Studio front-end

Karl Lieberherr (Principal Investigator)
Mira Mezini
Jens Palsberg
Boaz Patt-Shamir
Mitchell Wand
Supported by DARPA and Rome Laboratory under agreement F30602-96-0239 (Evolution of Software Via Adaptive Programming) and a grant from Xerox PARC (Aspect-Oriented Programming) and the National Science Foundation.

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