The Helping Hands Lab @ Northeastern



Our intrepid leader (i.e. the PI):

Robert Platt
(Lab Director)

The amazing students:

Andreas ten Pas
(PhD student, CCIS)
Marcus Gualtieri
(PhD student, CCIS)
Ulrich Viereck
(PhD Student, CCIS)
Colin Kohler
(PhD Student, CCIS)
Luke Roberto
(PhD student, CCIS)
Girik Malik
(PhD student, CCIS)
David Klee
(PhD student, CCIS)
Dian Wang
(MS student, CCIS)
Brayan Stiven Zapata Impata
(Visiting PhD student, University of Alicante, Spain)
Ondrej Biza
(Visiting undergraduate, Czech Technical University)

Where they are now (group alumni):

Matt Corsaro, MS, 2016. Now a PhD student at Brown
Mordechai Rynderman, MS, 2016. Now a robotics engineer at iRobot
Caris Moses, MS, 2016. Now a PhD student at MIT.
Patrick Murphy, MS, 2016. Now an electromechanical engineer at Harvard.
Giulia Franchi, Visiting Student from U. Rome, 2015. Now an assistant professor at Salisbury University
Swagatika Panda, MS, 2015. Now a software engineer at Amazon
Di Sun, MS, 2015. Now a robotics engineer at Fetch Robotics
Nate Roscup, MS, 2013. Now at ???
Prahasaran Askoran, MS, 2013. Now at ???
Julian Ryde, Research Assistant Professor. Now a Senior Research Scientist at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC).
Scott Settembre, MS, 2012. Now at ???