Demeter Ideas in XML

Demeter ideas are used in the XML domains described below. From one point of view, Demeter is an early generalization of XML that was developed years before XML was born. Demeter is not only for mark-up languages but for the more general LL(1) languages which beat mark-up languages in terms of robustness yet they are almost as easy to parse and also support a bijection between trees and sentences. For recent (2005) related work on this topic, see: Data Description Languages.. The lessons learned with Demeter are applicable to XML. Demeter focusses on data binding and on efficiently traversing objects when meta information is available as a schema. It is easy to show that traversing of objects may become exponentially faster when the schema information is actually used the right way.

Discussion of XML-integrated Languages and Demeter Interfaces..

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Written Dec. 27, 1999. Updated Nov. 25, 2005.